About Us

Maris Salmins was a member of a congregation in Latvia that had a sacrificial love for the Jewish people. He attended a Bible school in Estonia. The leader of the Bible school was Jewish. Maris also attended seminars in Sweden at a congregation which owned ships that took Russian Jews to Israel.

While the Iron Curtain was in existence in the former Soviet Union, Iris Salmins carried Bibles and tracts into Russia for the Jewish people. She continued making trips to Russia, the Ukraine and Latvia after the Iron Curtain was down. In 1995, G-d called Iris to move from Houston, Texas to start a Messianic synagogue in Riga, Latvia. At that time there was no Messianic ministry anywhere in the country.

Maris was a member of an intercessory group at his congregation that met weekly to pray for Israel and the Jewish people. Two weeks after Iris moved to Riga, she visited that group. Maris met Iris. Maris became Iris's translator.  One year later, Maris and Iris were married.


They began the first 2 Messianic Jewish congregations in the country of Latvia. 

Because of the need of a totally Jewish messianic congregation in Houston, Maris and Iris have decided to start a Shabbas scripture study.  They know there are messianic congregations in Houston and have great respect for the leaders whom they know, but the other congregations' visions are for the Jewish people and the nations where Iris and Maris are solely focused only on the Lost Sheep of Israel.