Join us Tuesday evenings, at 7:30 pm U.S. Central Time for our free virtual Zoom Torah portion discussion. ​Everyone participates in open discussions. Please click here to fill out the application.  We will contact you. For more information call 832-457-7141 or send an email to

  • Each person chooses 7 points from the 26 points listed at the bottom of this page.

  • We do 7 rounds. 

  • In each round, each person shares one of their points for up to 2 minutes. 

Please time your points prior to the meeting and time yourself during your 2 minutes at the meeting.


After 2 minutes you will be muted and the next person unmuted.


After we have our 7 rounds if time allows, each person will have up to 5 minutes to discuss or make on-topic comments or ask on-topic questions.

If you are not a facilitator and disagree with another participant contact them after the meeting for a private discussion. 

Please be considerate of the Yeshua Connection format.  


Ask G-d to enable you to share 7 points that will encourage, convict, inform, or put a smile on other participants' faces.


The best way to study for the meeting is to read over the 26 points a few times before you read the portion of scripture we will be discussing.


For each meeting, your study time will usually be between 1 and 2 hours. 

Since this is a Jewish bible study, only quote Messianic Jewish or Traditional Jewish bibles and commentaries. Complete Jewish Bible, Tree of Life Bible, or any other Messianic or Traditional Jewish bible. Some can be found in a free online version or you can do a search on Google for the verse with the name of the bible or version (TLV, CJB). For Tanakh only use JPS.

Please make sure what you prepare to speak about will not go over your 2 minutes. You will be muted after 2 minutes.


All comments need to have a foundation in the portion of scripture we have studied.


When you share your point, please give the number of the point that you will be sharing.


Please give chapters and verses of all scriptures that you mention.


Questions for Tuesday

  1. What did you learn about G-d in this portion?

  2. What impacted you the most in this portion of the scriptures?

  3. Is there a scripture or portion that you have or will memorize? 

  4. How has a scripture in this portion of scriptures encouraged you?

  5. How has a scripture in this portion of scriptures convicted you?

  6. Did you see anything humorous in this portion?

  7. How would you have felt if you had been the recipient of this communication?

  8. Would you have written differently about the topic in this portion of scripture?

  9. Have any verses in this portion of scripture had a special meaning for you in the past?

  10. How can you apply scriptures in this portion to your life?

  11. How would you compare yourself to the people this portion was written to?

  12. What scriptures in the portion have encouraged you to change the way you are praying for a person or situation?

  13. Are there verses in this portion that you can share with someone with specific needs to encourage them?

  14. Did anything in this portion surprise you?

  15. Share something from a Jewish commentary that exactly agrees with something in this portion. 

  16. Are there any quotes from Jewish people that could apply here?

  17. Is there something in Jewish tradition or custom of today that you are reminded of from this portion of scripture?

  18. Is the Torah (or other portions of Torah) quoted in this portion?

  19. Do you see evidence of Jewish thinking or beliefs?

  20. Have you researched the Hebrew in this portion of scripture and found a different translation or connotation than what your version has in it? 

  21. Have you found related topics in other books of the Tanakh or Brit Chadasha?

  22. Do you see a specific central theme in this portion?

  23. Did you notice any repetitions of any kind?

  24. Who was being addressed in this portion of scripture or in parts of this portion and why?

  25. Did you notice something in the scripture you have never noticed before? 

  26. Is anything in this portion quoted in the Brit Chadasha?