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Why the name "Yeshua Connection"?

  • That is the name Iris believes God gave her for this season of her ministry. Yeshua is the name the angel told Joseph that his son would be called.  Why? Yeshua means redemption/salvation. The angel followed that by what some English translations translate as "for." In fact, the same word could be translated as "indeed." "You shall call his name 'Yeshua.' " "Indeed he will redeem/save his people from their sins. "

  • Iris is passionate about her Jewish people being connected to Yeshua. 

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Yeshua Connection?

                     Iris Salmins, the founder of Yeshua Connection, trains Christians to share more effectively with Jewish people about the Jewish Messiah.  The training is a one-hour in-person or Zoom session consisting of a presentation and discussion.

Some Christians who attempt to share about "Jesus" with their Jewish friends frequently don't understand the Jewish mindset; they aren't fruitful or push Jewish people further away from Yeshua.

Call now to schedule Iris to share with your congregation, church group, bible study, ministry, or 6+ friends who would like to learn how to witness to Jewish people. She is available in person or virtually in Houston, Texas, the USA, and beyond. 

Iris is also available for podcasts or video interviews. 

Phone: 832-457-7141.



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I met Iris 40 years ago when the Lord launched a messianic synagogue in my home.

Though Iris was just a new believer in Yeshua, Adonai used her as a great encouragement to my heart! 

I watched her mature in the faith.

Her boldness to follow the Lord led her all over the globe.

She is fearless in the battle for lost souls.

Her passion for her Jewish people and for the nation of Israel is contagious! 

I heartily recommend her ministry to you! 

Rabbi Emeritus Richard Freeman, Congregation Beth Messiah

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I have known Iris Salmins, a Jewish believer in Yeshua/Jesus for the better part of 30 years. 

She first became a member of our congregation when my father, Rabbi Gus Elowitz, was the founder/leader of the congregation. 

Iris has a heart and deep love for her Jewish people and a passion for them to be presented Yeshua/Jesus in a "Jewish" way. 


Throughout my years as the current leader and a Jewish believer in Yeshua/Jesus as the promised Jewish Messiah, I have been in contact with many different people who have the heart to share the Basorah (Good News) with Jewish people.

But for the most part, there is a disconnection when the message is coming from a Gentile believer because of their lack of an understanding of the cultural and mindset differences.


I am happy to recommend Iris as a vessel to share with Christian congregations, groups, and ministries about how to better share Yeshua/Jesus with their Jewish friends. 

Rabbi Jonathan Elowitz, Congregation Beth Yeshua Hamashiach

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I have been a Senior Pastor for over 32 years and have had many nationally known guest speakers in our church.

I have known Iris for many years. Recently she shared in our church about how to witness to and reach our unsaved Jewish friends and neighbors about Yeshua (Jesus).  


The message was eye-opening and informative.  


I highly recommend her to your church or ministry or event as a speaker on this subject.

Pastor Richard Rodriguez,  Christian Life Center Church


I met Iris about 25 years ago. At that time, she was working in Christian radio. Her vacations were spent taking Bibles and Jewish tracts about Jesus to Jewish people in Russia, Ukraine, and Latvia. She resigned from Christian radio to move to Latvia. There she established Messianic Judaism (Jewish believers in Jesus) in the country. Her translator became her husband and they established two congregations that are still meeting. 

Iris is back in the U.S. and is teaching Christians how to share and witness about Jesus to Jewish people. She was born and raised Jewish and has been a believer for about 40 years.


Before believing in Jesus, she had been witnessed to by many Christians, but for her, the thought of believing in Jesus was unthinkable. Finally, she met a couple who knew how to witness to Jewish people and Iris was born-again. She has a passion to make sure that Christians witnessing to Jewish people are effective. 

I recommend Iris as a guest speaker for an upcoming church service, events, or groups, to shed a light on the correct way to witness to Jewish people.

Sid Roth,  Founder Messianic  Vision

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