Free virtual Zoom discussions. Everyone participates in the open discussions. In order to prepare for the discussions you will need to do 1 to 2 hours of study on your own. Please click here to fill out the application.  We will contact you. For more information call 832-457-7141 or send an email to

 Is this you?

  1. You want to study and worship with Torah keepers. 

  2. You love worshiping with traditional undiluted Jewish liturgy.

  3. You would like to meet regularly with people who don't ignore the Father of Messiah Yeshua. 

  4. You would like to attend a weekly scripture study centered around the week's Parshah while including the rest of the Tanakh plus the Brit Chadasha.

  5. The tool of Yeshua's execution is not what you are thankful for, but rather the blood that was shed for your atonement.

  6. You understand that there is no reason to call Yeshua by a name that his father didn't name him nor would his family or friends have recognized. 

  7. You believe that the gifts of the spirit are as real today as the fruits of the spirit.  


Our Vision

In the historical time of the origin of Chanukah, Jewish people were forced to assimilate.  The Hellenists demanded that the Jewish people give up their distinctive religious ways. 

Many Jewish people who came to the US in the late 1800s spoke Yiddish to each other.  On the other hand, they were so determined that their children assimilate in certain ways into the US culture that they spoke only English to their children.  Many of their grandchildren were even given Anglo names. 


In the late 1900s in the former Soviet Union, I met Jewish people whose parents assimilated them so successfully that some of them and their children had a hard time proving they were Jewish in order to make aliyah.


Isn't it interesting that in more modern times what happened was the opposite of what happened in the days of Judah Macabee?  Instead of Greeks trying to force Jews to become Goys, Jews themselves were doing that with their own children, not in religious ways, but in cultural ones. 


Now, some Jewish leaders are joining hand in hand, sometimes unknowingly, with Christian leaders, in forcing Jews to become assimilated into Gentile cultures. How do they do that?


They do it by telling Jewish people that they are not Jewish anymore because they have come to understand that Yeshua is the Messiah.


Sounds strange, huh? Well in both cases, whether they are Jewish or Christian, they are avoiding what they know is absolute history.


They know that when Yeshua was here on earth his followers were Jewish.  The first believers in Yeshua and most of the authors of the New Testament were Jewish. They were neither part of a new religion nor did they start one.


Now, some Messianic synagogues are somehow assimilating insidiously into the gentile church culture, presenting visiting Jewish people, who do not yet believe in Yeshua, a strange hybrid of Christianity and Judaism.

The Yeshua Connection is a venue for Jewish people who are starving for a Messianic gathering for like-minded people. 

Our vision is for Jews and Gentiles, who are living a Torah observant lifestyle, to gather together on Zoom in a Jewish venue that is not a hybrid of a Jewish and church/Christian culture. A place where Jewish people seeking the truth about the Messiah can come and experience the truth in an atmosphere that is Jewish, as was the atmosphere that would have been present with  Yeshua and his first followers.