Yeshua is not the Father

What does Yeshua say about Hashem? What else do we learn about the father in the Brit Chadasha?

Does it annoy you when Hashem is ignored in praise/worship and teachings as he is replaced by Yeshua in context? This is not just a problem for goyem believers in Yeshua, but unfortunately has spilled over into the thinking of Jewish believers. If you are a Jewish believer, we are here to restore you to your Jewish roots. The same roots that Yeshua, his disciples and the writers of the Brit Chadasha cherished. 

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  • Yeshua is not Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey, Hashem. He is the son of Hashem and he is part of the echad of G-d. 

  • Much of the praise and worship music that we have experienced in Messianic congregations comes from Gentile roots that ignore Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey. 

  • I have not heard a sermon recently that talks about the father, especially with the text of the Brit Chadasha.