I saw this on Facebook. It was written by Mike Roper. We share it here with his permission. 

A couple of days ago the spirit gave this scenario to me:

A certain entrepreneur started a national business .


He employed many from his native land As his employees were chosen he gave them his "Policies and Procedures" Handbook.

This handbook included all the necessary requirements to be a representative of him and his business . It included the holidays that the company would observe, what could and couldn't be brought into company property as well as how each employee must conduct themselves.

Many years later the entrepreneur determined to take his business to a global scale, he had his son conduct the process required to do this.

As the son recruited the new foreign employees he presented each new employee with three things. The first was his father's original policies and procedures manual. The second was  documented and detailed accounts of how his father reacted when his policies and procedures were not followed in the past. The third was that he provided for the new employees a company liaison to be available to them at all times should any one of them have a question concerning the policies. The liaison would interpret for them .

However shortly after the new employees were hired, they decided that the original Policies and Procedures Handbook handed down from the father and passed on to them by the son, did not apply to them, but only applied to the original employees .

The new employees then wrote their own manual with total disregard for the original...

different holidays, rules and regulations.

Now the liaison has nothing to interpret for them.

When the entrepreneur and his son come to check on their company will they recognize it ?

This is similar to the analogy HaShem gave me. If a child is adopted into a family with God fearing good parents, those kids have the same blessings and the same obligation as the natural born kids. You want your allowance... follow the house rules.